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Let's be honest, it's a bit overwhelming!

Buying a home is often one of the largest purchases an individual will make, so it’s important that you have someone you can trust to walk you through the process. Derek Woelfle’s red-seal certification in carpentry and vast experience in home renovations has taught Derek exactly what to look for when considering a house. He also understands the costs of renovating, so you can be confident that your purchase is acquired within your budget and at the proper market value. 

When you meet with Derek, he will provide you with a Buyer’s Presentation Kit that steps you through the entire buying process. It also outlines what you can expect from his services. You can trust Derek to negotiate a deal that considers all of the variables of the sale and your budget.

Find a home that satisfies your needs at a price you deserve with Derek Woelfle.

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Phone: 587 891 3381

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